We are now ready to take new bets! Saturday, 19 May is the finals in GSL season 2.

The number of Bitcoin bet on each player is shown in the last column.

Mvp – Squirtle (Last valid block: 180736)

Mvp 1MxobmhoJZCP2wujhvG7VUgjaAPr8u4GKc QR-code 1.30
Squirtle 1Le5PPHcM3yaYsvsDJjtKCZ1pRTXDHrFYx QR-code 1.70


We had plans for publishing an event for Iron Squid today. Unfortunately there was an error in the payouts from event 5, so we ran out of time while investigating this. There was only one missed payment which has now been completed.

Our current payment system is based on the official bitcoin client. This makes the transaction history somewhat messy and confusing. We will therefore be working on a new system using bitcoinj, to produce a more readable transaction for the payout.

Event 5 investigation

A pic of our investigation

This is a complicated transaction history to untangle. Some of the mess is our fault, and the bitcoin client also creates lots of hidden transfers. This makes it harder for us, and harder for others to verify the payments.

Finally a new event! :)

This time we have 2 individual matches that are possible to bet on! Each match will be closed when it is started.

The number of Bitcoin bet on each player is shown in the last column.

Update: The matches are finished and payments are sent out. Congratulation to the winners!

Match1: NaNiwa – Mvp (last valid block: 178240)

One too-late-bet in block 178251

NaNiwa 141iee2wHkp9iUKT1GbjgEmAbnTnNVjtd8 QR-code 6.90
Mvp 1AeVTTcVGE8bGXYLEk2WYHQGtX2MXHp4Q3 QR-code 9.15

Match2: SuperNoVa – HerO (last valid block: 178392)

SuperNoVa 1Hdhk2arXiGpMXbTJ2rkyA5G4yErGRHCK QR-code 0.85
HerO 172dQ7uezfabQxAraM6inhC8cjYsdzn66w QR-code 0.66


A new weekend and a new event!

This time we have 4 individual matches that is possible to bet on! Each match will be closed when the first game have started.

Update: The number of Bitcoin bet on each player is shown in the last column.

Update2: All winnings have been paid back.

Match1: MC – aLive (last valid block: 175659)

MC 1Li7UZuQ6Emt6sAWej7pAHGqR11J64Q3mp QR-code 0.20
aLive 1AEr4GZnjiKyMsWVPDtH3TKPxMcp9is8SL QR-code 0.11

(A to-late bet in block 175663 on MC is not added to the pot, the bet will be returned)

Match2: PuMa – MMA (last valid block: 175670)

PuMa 1BeRj24jjpJbLaYAnQx3Dch9rHpK7tJuF3 QR-code 0.71
MMA 16zGmY4ufzA1VZu87hnEhoHRoFeydCqk8z QR-code 0.77

Match3: Jjakji – NesTea (last valid block: 175777)

Jjakji 1MzFzpPMzVw7XBiyidwMFTftM2uSbU3xjS QR-code 0.47
NesTea 16mjYxEUE1WDQhonArMBj5YBjZays7cFM9 QR-code 0.50

Match4: MarineKing – Symbol (last valid block: 175783)

MarineKing 1D4wsNCiHDPKbLevpLDCK3oeVCr9a7JaLQ QR-code 0.70
Symbol 1B8WsFdJLEZVgqcBzzCdHK3tAmjrCJF8zh QR-code 0.37


PS! We will have the semi final and final as upcoming events.

Last event where you could bet on all the players turned out to be quite popular, so we are doing it again. This time with the tournament held at the big computer party The Gatehering in Norway. You will be able to bet on each of the qualified players. If you believe someone from the BYOC (bring your own computer) qualification might win, then you have only one address to bet on.


There were no bets that were placed on the winner, this means all bets are returned minus the fee. Better luck next time!

The players and their betting adresses:


GLSnute 14eTfimCi9JwqLtyTzXacJJ1uhKNaQo2KG
LucifroN 1GukfMuQAWMHVpg5HFG7p6MRCdaY1TFssU
RoX.KiS.TitaN 1QD7uYaZAnKiDXfmp7VYvcVqEa29H3M5oP
Dignitas.SjoW 1NQ6BcZoCbZpxZscbDn7rHYtCvszYZCvJo
Dignitas.Bischu 1EpZe1J1wFvoknpCjpsiMWLGdoQN4MLB5u
Fnatic.NightEnD 1GfSSBxsWSDhA6MbqGfh2rdduyHGjV1dBt
BXƎzuP 1HSQ2haSEB5fY5uP1rqPgibrd5QKqGEoC3
Dignitas.merz 1XrS4LfvUVRkBZa6uxPCK1DNVrUPiuSUj
Grubby 13cgPDfC38RcxUtUwpxq4EexXxpLazqriC
FXO.BRAT_OK 16deHoQ4z7mvxBcUQnQ2LzMS3gtKLUTRwk
FXO.SlaViK 1F4sSnGm3WTJYp9RgoDvSgrZkCPNHEc28z
BXƎznow 1L9igewrQrNJbEsVhsigphjNTdx9PwhKGK
mouzThorZaIN 1G96XRJFq29j8JdKnL5vpHyrQbxPfN2FNr
mouzMorroW 1ApLCyn955de9QhDEqWTAK2P7wvmo8P9dM
TBA1 1BSMp7heTQS9X4nsrNMLtsxoZFr53EKF9p
TBA2 14pAc8i5ivUFNm4h6oJFND1xRSCzbpki4j

Qualified Players

NaRa_ 18ZEnqpgi26T2GqireHZV3QgF6HNXs8REA
AlaStOr 15ukQ6B2rjTHh1g7FqS2gWPbQAdyzd5Xur
VortiX 186KWkMeoV6hVUHdBpWipPQwhoFaDb7yNF
TypeDBS 1Mi2JLxQEsfKzPPAe6boAb2ic9BVoNzv2W
inFSortOf 17x27K424EJX866myLiqKsASpmjE8KQpWz
prOpSnuffe 1JAYAePK7m1UmM8xLADeYrtrqwqeyErwD5
TypePhoenix 14sVVeueda9AkZ4wvXGHB6Sh4cBy6SAdP3
BXƎChi 13RR9ZecvDNohbedVvGyzjt6XLWGZps8ho
VPBenQlTuruk 1BZEjK4brqRvMMC2Q2g4BX45CQS8fYCvwQ
NrSSeala 1DUHttUJXytxssqTvkhLHfZBEnNgtUvpUN
Rmdx 1BLP8dYwX84cNXsxfPkabFf6WiaWyRUboX
IeZaeL 19CDdTuThZ9R7DYTC1BoVmzF65YVZs1Uus
BXƎIMBADUDE 1MvowBAXeYH7fTfR6zz1kM6BGnMaktk1b9

BYOC (Bring your own computer)

Anyone from the BYOC qualification have a shared address: 1MdSK8fnWTQap33VmWy9nR9b1MZwr5RjMw


For this event we are trying something new. You can now bet on any of the participants. There are 16 players in total. Those who bet on the person who wins the tournament, gets all the coins.

Update: The first match have started and all bets before and including 171578 are valid!

Update2: We have sent the winners their winnings!

Live streams:

Betting addresses: (current odds in parenthesis)

  • NonY – 1BaH8HqtZNnM8ntry9bUWdKm1wVT412FCy (100.2750)
  • State – 1A3Ne4iJiUtfYDB9E5r4grtCSo4f8UZNVQ (83.7292)
  • White-Ra – 1AG9cEih4Vfm4iBpW9H68vjN2NGaKV3UYL (71.9107)
  • iNcontroL – 1Fuj6scYrzw97oWbTPLwPuy8hXhv1VqeeN (56.1527)
  • Grubby – 17uNoDeGqFBXEXsDr1YNoBAsXtYwaZeJG (91.2500)
  • BlinG – 17s7PQiR1qvveDkTKzUC2gyhn1rYLxDzrP (13.4094)
  • DeMusliM – 19mV2pZvKx8vYc3YXko7MpHArxmcvabamB (17.5458)
  • SeleCT – 1NfT7WRHboYgGsmWxK3aj92ukQTksFUyvU (50.6375)
  • Dragon – 1Guwr3smGQLw5wfMdjS4L68M9jCU6zhAyf (50.6375)
  • Polt – 1JTn5Bwt9xQ4aYpY6BXQwrroqYptEvkJ71 (3.4819)
  • Stephano – 1PZPCmsVuhGPWL4UCEart8TvNot85YQQhC (5.9638)
  • Destiny – 1Ng7HdArbMsJQ1Kz5ezCPQB7HV6Z1eai6a (50.6375)
  • Sleep – 17JS471L9Cb3LLKLV5FWJJxBPkHyP8nwGa (50.6375)
  • viOLet – 1CZc6UYTboJmNRuSz6EpHHqT9ZrDFXjTpJ (9.2729)
  • Hawk – 1AvttVFs5C7AUfYTF7XLfT2rsY87Fw4pQJ (50.6375)
  • Heavens – 1KpvHdf7gnUagdF6U1r2YaY24pJtqeeRQY (50.6375)

All bets confirmed by the Bitcoin network before the first match are valid!

Links to the tournament:

We are now taking bets on our second event, this time it is the IEM final between PuMa and MC starting 10. March ca 12:15 CET.

Betting addresses:

  • MC: 1AxT1n33gqQvmoDhcfGKwBZrQ7CE35Vf3A

Like last time, all payments registered by the Bitcoin network 5 minutes before the start are considered as valid bets, to learn more read our F.A.Q.

We have added a rule to optimize our payment process. From now on all payouts will have a 0.001 fee. In practice this fee is of course very low. For correctness we covered it last time, since we had not mentioned it in the rules.

Update: All winnings have been paid to the winners.

The final valid block was 170517. Final odds were:

  • PuMa: 3.375
  • MC: 1.38

The match between Genius and DongRaeGu is over. We have completed the payouts to the lucky lonely believer in DongRaeGu. Congratulations!

Since this is the first payment we will now explain how it worked.

  1. Since we had one non-valid entry (too late) bet on DongRaeGu, we start by transferring back these coins minus a transfer fee
  2. We transfer back the coins that the winner bet, minus a transfer fee of 0.001
  3. We transfer the winnings minus 5% plus the transfer fee from pt. 2 to the winner
  4. What is left is transferred to us.(5% of the Genius pool minus the transfer fee to the winner)
  5. Both accounts should now be empty.

Those who want can check these facts on services like blockexplorer.com:

We are now taking bets for our first event, the 2012 GSL Season 1 Final taking place Saturday March 3, 2012 17:10 KST(GMT+9):

The two players and corresponding Bitcoin betting addresses are:

  • Genius: 17VgmsMnRttV2xco3ExiRHZFFtcxaw69rt
  • DongRaeGu: 15XCbLEEFa7fSpKwSEF3355yTkbvZLZjVu

UPDATE: The game have started and new payments are considered invalid, the last valid block were 169448. The final bet pools for Genius/DongRaeGu are 2.35/1.00.

Additional links:


This is the new place for people interested in betting or just using their bitcoins for fun end excitement. We will shortly publish our first bet. You can send the amount of bitcoins you want to an address representing the outcome you are betting on. If you are correct, you will get your bet back times the odds


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